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Hotel In Warwick


A beautiful old building with centuries of history, this Warwickshire hotel has played host to Admiral Nelson, Mark Twain and the singing superstar Frank Sinatra. Throughout the ages, the Warwick Arms has offered a comfortable hotel experience in the very heart of town, within easy reach of the attractions and architecture that make Warwick such a wonderful place.

Hotel In Warwick

A Family-Run Business

Warwick prides itself on independent business, with streets lined with quirky shops, traditional tearooms, boutique stores and family-run establishments. There are a fair amount of chain stores to meet your needs, but we love living in a town characterised by independence.

The Warwick Arms fits in perfectly! It’s run by Guy and Daisy, a father-daughter duo filled with enthusiasm for this excellent hotel, from the overnight experience to the food served in the newly refurbished Restaurant. You’re sure to see them bustling about as you explore this gorgeous Warwickshire hotel, directing their team and ensuring everything is shipshape. You may even bump into them on your travels around the town – they’re familiar faces in and around Warwick!

Hotel In Warwick

The Oldest Warwickshire Hotel

This hotel has been serving drinks, dishing up food and offering a place to stay longer than any other Warwickshire hotel. It delights historians as it’s been a hotspot for travellers since it was established in 1591, when Elizabeth I was on the throne and Shakespeare was waiting for the spotlight.

The hotel was originally owned by the Earls of Warwick, a famous family of courtiers and kingmakers, who made a wise investment in the Warwick Arms. It started off as a coaching inn, a resting place for all who were travelling by a coach and horses. Coaches depended on these places, where drivers and horses could be replaced at the drop of a hat and goods carry on travelling towards their destination. However, this Warwickshire hotel survived, even as the use of coaches fell and goods travelled by canal and railway. It didn’t stay as the same building though, as a devastating fire ripped through the town in 1694, leaving widespread destruction in its wake.

The coaching inn burned down, but a handsome 18th century building was put up in its place. A century later, the current frontage was created, with the iconic stone walls and arched windows. Described as a ‘pleasing style of simple elegance’, this frontage watched the great and the good enjoy the comforts of this Warwickshire hotel, as it became acknowledged as the best inn in town. It even adopted the term ‘hotel’, which suggested the kind of sophistication worthy of Warwick’s premier place to stay.

There have been endless changes, from the beginnings as an Elizabethan inn to the striking 21st century hotel that it is today. The 1900s saw it take over the adjoining buildings to create an even bigger establishment, which became a centre for the Government Department during the war. However, the end of the war saw it turn back to what it was always meant to be: a traditional, welcoming Warwickshire hotel.

Step inside for an enjoyable evening or contact us to spend the night!

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