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A Place To Stay For The Warwick Folk Festival

The Warwick Folk Festival is on its way, kicking off the summer holidays with fantastic music and boundless energy.

Are you one of Warwick’s festival folk, coming back for yet another year of ceilidhs, circuses and nostalgia? Or are you jumping into some brand-new music and joyous family-friendly festival culture?

Either way, you’ll need a place to stay!

The Warwick Arms Hotel

The 2023 Warwick Folk Festival is taking place in a field within sight of Warwick Castle, from the 27th-30th July. There’s the option to set up a tent and camp, but if wet canvas, hard ground and stray tent pegs aren’t for you, head on up to the town centre for a hotel stay.

The festival is running buses from the main site to the centre of town, home to shops, numerous tearooms and beautiful ancient buildings. The Warwick Arms Hotel is situated right on the High Street, where it offers tasteful, cosy and well-priced accommodation. Children aren’t necessarily the best sleepers on a campsite, especially when they hear revelry going on past their bedtime, so you may wish to book yourselves into one of our family rooms, sleeping up to four.

A hot breakfast is included, with sausages, bacon, eggs, fruit and pastries, great fuel for your action-packed day! At only two minutes’ walk from the castle, the Warwick Arms is an excellent base for casual sightseeing, and a mere fifteen minutes’ walk from the festival itself.

Interested? Browse our cosy, traditional guest rooms here.

Treats In Store

Right! Accommodation sorted, now you can focus on all the treats in store.

As you might expect, music is centre stage at the Warwick Folk Festival. However, the line-up is a little different to Reading or Glastonbury – forget Stormzy or the latest idol, we’re talking Afro-pop, fiddles, banjos and a mountain of acoustic guitars. You can expect sea shanties, flutes and Filkin’s Ensemble, ‘Birmingham’s premier folk supergroup’, who’ll soon get you stomping your feet to the sound of their dynamic experimental folk.

This isn’t just background music. If you want to dance you can, and not just in the awkward mosh-pit format of mainstream music festivals. Head to the ceilidh tent, the Warwick Folk Festival’s antidote to self-conscious solo dancing!

A ceilidh revolves around a spirited band and a caller, who instructs the dancers in the steps, a little like line dancing. They shout out the steps, the musicians provide the beat, and everyone, from grandparents to toddlers, skips and swings and polkas until they physically need to have a break.

Ceilidhs are known for being exhausting, but inclusive, without the slightest sense of judgement. In keeping with this sense of community and non-judgement, a Saturday afternoon special concert celebrates the music of people who have experienced homelessness.

Entertainment At The Warwick Folk Festival

The ceilidh gets you hopping and leaping, but there’s plenty of other entertainment at the Warwick Folk Festival. There’s a selection of Morris dancers to amuse you, including one group with an unexpected twist.

The Witchmen dance a darker Morris, blending it with street entertainment. Keep an eye out for these white-faced men sporting feathers, skulls and black and gold tatters. Children are welcome to watch, but they can also dive into the Wyld Thyngz forest school and the Panic Family Circus.

Get Booked!

Get ready to stroll through the festival village! If you’ve not booked your Warwick Folk Festival tickets yet, you can book them here.

For hotel accommodation, head to our website and book our guest rooms! To ask any questions, please call us on 01926 492759 or email

Keep up with hotel events, updates and special offers on Facebook and Instagram.

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