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A Spa Weekend Retreat At The Warwick Arms

Indulge in a spa weekend retreat like never before at the Warwick Arms Hotel. Nestled just moments away from the iconic Warwick Castle, our hotel now offers a truly holistic and rejuvenating experience with the addition of the La Fuente Medispa – a collaboration that takes comfort to new heights.

La Fuente’s Warwick Medispa

Embark on a journey of pure bliss with La Fuente, a renowned aesthetic clinic that features talented staff members who have over 25 years of combined experience. They excel at making their clients feel truly relaxed, which is exactly what you need during a spa weekend.

The La Fuente Medispa, located at St Mary’s Chambers in Warwick, brings together industry-leading experts, medical professionals and clinicians to offer a perfect blend of holistic health, medical dermatology, aesthetics and beauty treatments, just a minute away from our historic hotel.

La Fuente’s expansion into Warwick introduces a new branch dedicated to aesthetic excellence. From advanced facials (including treatments from the likes of SkinPen and Lynton) and semi-permanent make-up procedures to laser treatments addressing conditions like acne, melasma and rosacea – La Fuente Medispa promises a range of treatments for those seeking rejuvenation and revitalisation. You won’t just be on a spa weekend, you’ll be escaping into a world of aesthetic care and indulgence.

A Holistic Experience For Our Guests

This medispa is not only a sister branch to the La Fuente clinic in Southam but also serves as the exclusive hotel spa for the Warwick Arms Hotel. Beyond our cosy guest rooms, exciting restaurant and bar, visitors can now complement their stay with rejuvenating spa treatments at the La Fuente Medispa, conveniently located just a stone’s throw away.

The La Fuente Medispa caters to every guest’s desire for relaxation and aesthetic care. It’s an extension of the Warwick Arms experience – where comfort and luxury intertwine seamlessly. Picture the scene, you’re whisked away on a spa weekend and you book in for multiple treatments that leave your skin glowing. You pause for a delightful afternoon tea before heading back and you end your day with a delicious dinner in our restaurant and a cocktail before popping upstairs for a night of undisturbed sleep. Whether you’re accompanied by your love, your best friend, a relative, or you’re scheduling some well-earned solitude, this is the perfect plan. What could be better?

Book Your Indulgent Spa Weekend Today

To experience the epitome of relaxation and aesthetic care, book your luxurious spa treatments directly with La Fuente. Enhance your stay at the Warwick Arms Hotel with a unique collaboration that promises results that will have you coming back for more. As you explore the historic Warwick Castle and the charming town of Warwick, let the Warwick Arms Hotel be your sanctuary for comfort, style, and now, a truly indulgent spa experience.

Please contact us to ask us any questions about your stay. You can also call us on 01926 492759 or email Any questions about your La Fuente Medispa treatments need to be directed to the La Fuente team, contact them here

Embrace tranquillity, history and contemporary luxury as you embark on a spa weekend retreat like no other.

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